IT/Digital Skills Graduate Training Programme (Internship)

Softlink Options recruits graduates into the Graduate Trainee Programme regularly to undergo internship training in digital skills offering diverse employment pathway opportunities.
The Graduate Trainee Programme is open to graduates with IT/digital related background who are willing to be enrolled to undergo intensive upskill training for IT/digital career opportunities.

Every few months, trainees are recruited to join our Graduate Training programme to upskill themselves for IT/digital career pathway opportunities. The graduate training programme is designed as entirely online and self-paced with instructors’ support. Trainees have a maximum of eight (8) months to complete the training curriculum and one (1) month to complete a mandatory capstone project. It is possible for fast and more experienced trainees to complete the entire training and capstone project in three (3) months.

After successful completion of the graduate training programme, you may be offered an employment pathway internally or guided to where you can apply for work


Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, IT, or programming (coding) related background.
HND with at least a year of programming working experience.
Experience with HTML and CSS.
Familiar with Data Structures, Algorithms, Object Oriented Programming during undergraduate studies
Must have a strong interest and temperament for Computer Programming
Good working knowledge in at least one programming language (especially Java, JavaScript, Python).

A previous software development or engineering experience is an added advantage.

To Apply fill in Below Form (We receive alot of applications so we may not be able to take in everyone who applies)