Offsite Data Backup

We offer secure offsite data backup to your personal computers and servers. Our offsite data backup solution ensures that all your data is safe through automatic backups, supports Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris and provides end User online management.

Backup Features

  • Automatic & unattended
  • Continouous, minute by Minute
  • Online storage Incremental and differential
  • Multiple backup sets
  • Select Individual files
  • Backup Scheduling
  • No file size Limits
  • Restore Features
  • Guaranteed restore
  • [one_half_last]
  • File versions retained
  • Restore from the Cloud
  • restore from mobile device
  • Self Service Restore
  • Restore Individual files
  • Security Features
  • File Encryption
  • File encryption before transmission
  • File encryption during transmission
  • Archive tampering detection
  • Account Password
  • Private Password for Restore

offsite data backup.

The Importance of Offsite Backup

Safeguarding Your Data with Peace of Mind | Softlink Options.

Offsite data backup has become an indispensable practice in today’s digital landscape. With the increasing reliance on technology and the ever-growing volume of data, the need to safeguard critical information has never been more crucial. Offsite data backup offers a secure and reliable solution for protecting valuable data by storing it in remote locations.

This proactive approach ensures that even in the face of unforeseen events or disasters, your data remains safe, allowing you to restore it easily and maintain business continuity.

First, let’s examine the potential risks associated with relying solely on onsite backups.

The Risks of Onsite Backup .

While onsite backups are a common practice, they pose inherent risks. Natural disasters, hardware failures, theft, or human errors can lead to data loss. Imagine a scenario where your office is affected by a fire or flood, resulting in irreversible damage to your data. Without an offsite backup solution, your valuable information could be lost forever.

We recognizes these risks and recommends implementing offsite backup strategies to ensure data resilience and continuity.

Now, let’s explore the benefits and advantages of Softlink Options’ offsite backup solutions.

Data Protection and Redundancy.

offsite backup image

At Softlink Options, our offsite backup services provide an extra layer of protection for your data. By securely storing your backups in remote locations, geographically separate from your primary site, we safeguard your data from localized disasters. Should any mishap or data corruption occur onsite, our offsite backups allow for swift and seamless restoration. This redundancy guarantees the integrity of your critical files and sensitive information, reducing downtime and mitigating potential financial losses. Furthermore, Softlink Options offers convenience and accessibility through its offsite backup solutions.

Convenience and Accessibility

Softlink Options’ offsite backup solutions are designed with user-friendliness and automation in mind. Our intuitive interfaces and automated processes make implementation and management effortless. Scheduled backups and incremental backup options ensure consistent data protection without manual intervention.

Additionally, our offsite backup services enable remote access to your data, granting you the flexibility to retrieve important files from anywhere, at any time. This level of convenience is particularly valuable for remote work and business travel scenarios.


In the digital era, offsite backup is not merely an option but a necessity for data preservation and availability. Softlink Options understands the significance of safeguarding your valuable information. By mitigating the risks associated with onsite backups, our offsite backup solutions offer data protection, redundancy, convenience, and accessibility, ultimately providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Softlink Options ensures comprehensive offsite backup solutions for the secure storage and retrieval of your data.

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