Sales Force Manager (O-CRM)

Most organizations are often looking for ways to empower their sales force team. How can O-CRM enable your organization to do this? This is the question we seek to answer always as we re-engineer the CRM year after year.

Let us first consider the problems that most Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) face today within their customer facing departments i.e. Sales, Marketing :

Data loss especially when sales staff leaves the organization

Poor Management of sales staff in the field as reports are scattered
Rigid systems only accessible in the office
Lost call-logs of incoming calls of interested clients

Poor invoice, quotation and LPO tracking
Wrong quotations/Invoices being sent by the sales team to clients causing this duty be assigned to one or two people.

Frequent price changes not automated.

Loss of sales data
Poor tracking of emails sent to clients
Feedback tracking from the sales team e.g. client meeting feedback
Manual sales commission computation leading to sales commission disputes

Managing Cash Flow

Lack of communication between departments

Scattered client information i.e. quotations, invoices, contracts, manuals etc. in different locations.
Lengthy document search process in manual files or soft copy folders
Inability to track customer complaints, incoming and outgoing calls etc.


Our O-CRM software tool assists many companies to achieve more out of available resources. It will certainly optimize your business process. As part of our Business Management Systems suit, O-CRM has the ability to be hosted online or on local server. You can also sign up for a monthly package PAYG starting from Ksh 1,999 This is inclusive of:

Hosting Support

30 GB Disk Space

Also Available

Invoice, quotation, LPO logo customization
Dash board customization
Report customization
System administrator support

Reports generator

Customers’ records

Sales details i.e. Lead, Opportunities, Quotations, Sales Orders, Contracts

And more and more

Need our O-CRM?