HR Manager

A good Human Resource Management system (HRMS) allows you to have fewer employees managing larger numbers of staff. HRM systems should offer you convenience and flexibility. Once a company grows from merely managing the payroll, there is a greater need to manage other arising functions or benefits such as absence management, recruitment management, benefits management such as medical, insurance and so on.

At Softlink Options we have understood the growth of your business and added HR Management system to our range of Business Management Systems suit. This is a modular system that allows you to buy modules that are useful to your business and add other modules as your business grows. It also allows you to have your own HR specific module customized.

HR Manager has been appreciated for its user friendly interface, ability to be hosted online and on local server, customizable features and end-to-end HR management. It is indeed a well-researched system and you will be served by a team that has over 7 years handling HR related systems in Kenya. Our priority is making simplified systems for the Kenya market at an affordable rate for the Small and Medium businesses.

Human Resources Management involves a holistic approach towards understanding and managing people within a company set up. It only makes sense to leave the menial tasks to a system to allow more time to handle more personal functions such as recruitment, training, team building etc.

 The HR Manager will handle the following areas

Absence Management
Time and attendance Management
Employee asset Management
Performance Management

Benefits Management
Personnel Management (personal information)