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 About the Social Media Master Class

As the emphasis on shifting from traditional marketing to digital marketing intensifies businesses are rushing to claim their digital space with no idea of how to go about it. This should not be the case.

No business owner or manager should have to go through volumes of books trying to find those little gems of what to do online. The digital marketing industry cannot grow if it expects foreigners to come and hold workshops and sell books for people to learn what to do.

Truth is we need people, players in the industry who have gained knowledge either from studying abroad or by being early adopters sharing their expertise for business to prosper and the industry to move forward.

To ignore that would be quixotic and that’s why Digital Marketing and Social Media Master class was conceived.

What is Digital Marketing and Social Media Master Class?

Digital Marketing and Social Media Master Class is a project that seeks to provide business owners, Business managers and their marketers with practical knowledge of how to use their digital assets to drive business objectives

How does it Work?

Digital Marketing and Social Master Class brings together leaders in different areas of digital marketing to share their knowledge with Business owners and leaders.

It organizes paid periodic workshops that are held on the 3rd Friday of the month at Apollo center.

August’s Session will look into;

Putting Social to work

  • Can social media affect business results? Can it achieve campaign goals with real impact and efficiency? What is the best way to measure a social campaign and how should it fit into the overall campaign architecture? This session will answer these questions and look to figure out whether we’ve really grown up in social media.

Social Intelligence

  • Social Media is all about conversations with those who have an interest in our brand. The first step in a conversation is listening, but how do you listen when you are not part of the conversation? Mugendi Nguru will share insights from their work gathering Social data on the best on the best processes and ways to learn what people are saying about your brand

Customer-first branded content at scale

  • Social crept up on many businesses and their reaction was to let it grow organically. But take a closer look and the content is inconsistent, governance is non-existent and often strategy has not even been thought about.  Emmanuel from Brighter Monday will talk through how to take control of the social beast and put the foundations in place to deliver against the businesses objectives.

How to find the right social media influencer for your brand

  • As social media grows up, so too has the content we consume. The days of watching funny YouTube videos have developed and consumers are able to search and be served useful, interesting and sometimes entertaining content from social influencers & content creators creating stories about food, science, exercise and much more. But, how can you be part of this? Finding the right social influencers is key, but how do you do it?

Guest Speakers

  • Mugendi Nguru – Founder Digital Rand, Social Intelligence
  • Jesse Muchai – Head of Marketing(Digital) Infinix Mobility Kenya, Putting Social to Work
  • Emmanuel Mutuma – Digital Marketing Manager, Brighter Monday, Customer, First Branded Content at Scale
  • Edwin Holly – Head of Community Management, Qube Agency, Finding the Right Social Media Influencer for you Brand

Application Details

Note the following application details:

  • Date: Friday, 21st August, 2015
  • Time:  9 a.m – 11 a.m
  • Location: Apollo Center, Ring Rd Parklands, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Charges: KES 2,500 + VAT( Payable via Cheque, Lipa Na Mpesa or Cash )

Payment Methods

Please note that payment is required with this registration and you can choose to pay with any of our payment methods as included below

  • PAYBILL NO: 879091
  • CASH

NB: Register early and earn a 10% discount for early registers (Expires at 17th August 13, 2015)

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