SACCO & Microfinance Software

An Information Management system should be capable of performing and accounting for all transactions and providing the minimum reports required by the SACCOs, which at the minimum should be able to provide an audit trail report, adequate security features, integrations of the operations, capacity for future expansion real time and relational data base management.

Our Sacco and microfinance software has been used by several clients and it has helped in managing their finances, clients information and loan processes. We support the growth of chamas, Saccos, microfinance and loan companies through the sofware. Specialized software is becoming more and more popular among SACCOs and MFIs (Micro Finance Institutions). As compared to a regular Excel spreadsheet, such software is designed to monitor the dynamics of a microfinance organization or SACCO.

We develop various types of softwares for saccos which meets your needs .The Sacco software has the following modules:

Modules of our PowerFinancials SACCO and Microfinance Software


  • Client Maintenance
  • Loans Management
  • Placements
  • General Ledger (Seamlessly integrated)
  • Journals (Expenses and Other Income)
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Final Accounts and Other Reports
  • Multilevel Security

Client Key Details

  • Personal Information
  • Photos and Signature
  • Group/Employment Information
  • Next of Kin and Beneficiary Details
  • Inquiry on loans and Guarantor information
  • Member Statements

Loans Management

  • Rules on loan eligibility
  • Interest rates and repayment periods
  • Penalties
  • Guarantor ship
  • Use of other collaterals
  • Loan Aging Analysis
  • Printable Loan Schedule/Calculator
  • Loan Top-ups
  • Partial Disbursements




  • PFADMIN module takes care of security. It has the following features:
    • Separate login for the administrator
    • User-Groups with specific rights; specific login timelines and amount ranges to which they can transact
    • Users with rights :
      • Read Only
      • Read and Write
      • Read Write and Update
    • Audit Trail Reports

Other Salient Features

  • Integration to third party applications:
    • Our Payroll Management System
    • Our MPESA Paybill Application
    • Cheque Truncation Interface
    • Bank Statement Upload
    • Reports
  • Dividends Calculation and Management
  • Cash/Teller Manager
  • Period Management
    • End of Day
    • Start of Day
    • End of Month
    • End of Calendar Year
    • End of Financial Year


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